Our approach

The attraction and acquisition of the most talented people available lies at the heart of our recruitment approach. We pay great attention to the identification of a core set of capabilities, values, behaviours and attitudes in all our potential new hires as we believe it is this unique mix that make OUR employees stand out. Our obsession with customer service and our constant quest for new and innovative customer experiences, products and services is reflected in the people we hire and the experiences our customers come back to enjoy time and again.

So expect any interview process to test you in terms of your values and to seek out evidence of what makes you different. In turn you should question what is it that makes Rank a truly great place to work - what would it be like to work for an iconic entertainment company with a portfolio of brands that are known and respected throughout the country and beyond. Ask us difficult questions, be prepared to open up and show us why we should hire you.

Our mission is to thrill the nation - can you match up to this?

Once with us - expect our customer obsession to translate into your learning and development and in helping you deliver the very best service possible to our customers. We can always do better, so helping you achieve your best seems like a good way to achieve our vision to be the best.

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