A single source of truth

Darren Moffett - director of customer operations

Customer operations investment

During the year significant progress and investment have been made across all areas of customer management. Central to this has been the use of market-leading technology to improve the way we analyse customer data, providing us with crucial insight into the way our customers behave and interact with us. We have also created an in-house data science team to ensure we maximise this technology.

All the customer data we hold is now being brought together into a single source of truth in the Rank Analytics Platform (RAP). It also enables us to analyse data in real time and predict what customers may do in the future. All of our retail systems have now been plugged in to the new RAP and we are in the process of integrating our digital systems, including Bede Gaming. We have also segmented the customer database into smaller clusters. This enables us to gain a more granular understanding of customers’ needs and behaviours and use this data to improve our marketing effectiveness, influence future business decisions and ensure we are acting responsibly.

Key priorities for 2016/17 include using RAP to further analyse transactional and product data, including electronic slots in both brands and electronic Max units in Mecca. It’s vital that we understand the behaviour of customers as individuals so that we can understand how and when they interact with our products as well as identify and address any friction points.

During H1 we will also be introducing a new marketing campaign management solution. This will allow us to analyse customer interaction data and more effectively review the success of our marketing campaigns.

A key change in 2015/16 was the decision to relocate our contact centre from London to Sheffield. Our new customer solutions hub, opening September 2016, will provide our customers with a single contact point for all channels 24 hours a day. We will enhance our customer experience – not just for incoming contacts but also being able to use customer data for targeted outbound activity. For example, we aim to introduce live chat across all digital platforms as well as a customer service app by the end of 2016/17. These changes will also move us away from the current cost centre model to that of generating profit for the brands.