Sue Fitzsimmons - casino manager, Luton

Luton casino

In September 2015, the Luton casino was relaunched following £4.3m of investment to accommodate the awarded 2005 Act licence.

The refurbished casino includes the following:

  • 60 slot machines, an increase of 40 with the ability to add a further 20 dependent on customer demand
  • 30 gaming tables, an increase of 12 in line with the 2:1 ratio of slot machines to table games as per the 2005 Act licence terms
  • 120-seat entertainment area
  • VIP gold area containing three gaming tables and four electronic roulette positions
  • Dining and lounge areas
  • New and improved external smoking terrace
  • Enhancements to the external appearance including new signage
  • Valet parking service

Following the relaunch, trading has seen an uplift in line withmanagement’s expectations.