The ‘best loved casino experience’

Jo Blundell - sales and marketing director Grosvenor Casinos

Investing in brands and marketing

Marketing strategy
One of Rank’s key five strategic pillars is to improve marketing effectiveness. We have been working hard to create integrated marketing plans with all activity focused on generating revenue and profit, and, ultimately growth.

For Grosvenor Casinos specifically this has been developed into a brand strategy aimed at delivering the ‘best loved casino experience’ for existing and new customers. This is a tough measure and means that we need to truly understand all our customers in order to excite and entertain them consistently and at every touch point.

We have the opportunity to unite our retail and digital businesses so that our customers can play anytime, anywhere in an environment that suits their needs. Retail provides the solidity, reassurance and trustworthiness of an established bricks and mortar brand; digital adds pace, dynamism and innovation. Together, they create a unique and powerful reason to play with Grosvenor Casinos supported by tangible benefits for our customers, such as the launch of new multi-channel games, a new loyalty programme and new products that enhance our offer, such as sports betting.

We will also be looking for every opportunity to make it easier for our customers to play with us. This includes new customer journeys aimed at uniting leisure and gaming customers, maximising the use of second licences and optimising our mobile and desktop assets.

The sales and marketing strategy will deliver a strong national programme supported by an optimised local framework that builds on success and creates greater affinity for the brand as a whole and at a community level.

Put simply, the focus is on initiatives that will continually excite and entertain our new and existing customers, both in the UK and overseas. We will do this through an integrated sales and marketing plan that shares best practice and learning across retail and digital, products and player levels. This is the Grosvenor Casinos’ Plan to Win.