Why Rank Group?

Rank offers a hugely diverse range of fun, flexible and rewarding careers in one of the most fast-moving industries around. Gaming - based leisure is a truly unique and fascinating sector to be a part of

Across our brands we employ over 10,000* people in roles ranging from casino croupiers, poker dealers, chefs and bingo club callers to specialists in marketing, IT, property, finance, law and human resources. We are a multi-channel business operating across retail (our club and casino venues), online and mobile - always evolving and innovating.

As you would expect, the breadth of the Rank Group’s family of businesses provides wide scope for career progression.

We actively encourage transitioning between roles, disciplines and brands to ensure our employees develop their careers in the most fulfilling way possible.

Sound like the sort of organisation you would like to work for? If so we would really like to hear from you - just go to our recruitment microsites for the brand you are most interested in and apply for a job that may just change your life!

* Numbers as at 30 June 2018

Rank Group

The powerhouse behind our brands, the Rank Group offers even the most ambitious a selection of fantastic opportunities to develop careers in all main corporate functions. From leading IT and marketing functions through to procurement, legal, audit, HR and compliance, security, property and more. Every department subscribes to our belief that collaboration and ‘joined up thinking’ deliver the best results, and in a business ‘where everyone counts’ you can be assured of a personal development programme that is designed to ensure you succeed.



If you are going to join a gaming company, you may as well join the biggest and the best. Grosvenor has been delivering customer-thrilling casino experiences for over 45 years and is the UK’s largest and most recognised and respected casino operator. Add to this spectacular year on year growth in our digital portfolio that alters the gaming landscape and challenges the competition on every front, and you can be certain your career and development is in the very best of hands. From venue based customer service specialists to back-end digital technologists we offer every type of casino role you can imagine – and if you join us, great imagination and innovative thinking are key attributes we look for!


New-evolution gaming concepts, re-imagined experiences and enhanced prizes all delivered with the same amazing customer value and excitement. A visit to one of our bingo clubs or a session on our online sites (delivered across the most advanced platform available) opens up a whole new world of games excitement, all underpinned by years of experience in providing the very best in fun and entertainment. Careers at Mecca combine the latest gaming technology, unbridled customer service and more fun that should really be allowed in the workplace. Take a look at our current opportunities and open your eyes to a fantastically rewarding type of job where leisure time and work blend into one.


With a business as diverse as Rank’s, our people requirements are similarly diverse. For some specialist roles, such as those in IT, Finance, Marketing, Legal, Property, Digital UX, we look for experience of role specific skills in our candidate applications that will ensure we only hire the very best talent in the market. Sometimes there is no substitute for knowledge and ‘been there done it’.

But for many other roles across our brands such as Receptionists, Croupiers, Cashiers, Team Members etc. we hire primarily for attitude, behaviour and values – with the right raw materials we know we can train in the necessary technical skills. Above all we want to be confident that every one of our customer facing employees will deliver THE most exceptional customer experience possible – and this is first and foremost down to personality.

All this means that the recruitment process needs to be flexible to accommodate the different attributes and skills we seek – so for some roles you will be invited to submit just your CV, whereas for others we may offer you the opportunity to complete a 3 dimensional online talent profile – your opportunity to stand out and promote yourself, and our opportunity to understand the person behind the CV.

Some roles will follow a structured competency based interview format designed to identify how you will operate in the role and how up to date and developed your technical skills are, whereas others will focus more on your interpersonal skills and may include assessments, role play, quizzes and getting to know our products. If you are going to enjoy working in front of customers you’ll need to be comfortable with our products and being in the limelight!

We are continually re-imagining our interview and selection process to ensure it identifies the key attributes that we seek and to give YOU the most insightful experience possible. After all – recruitment is a two way process and the decision to hire and be hired is one of the most important we shall both ever make.