Our committees

Audit Committee

Owen O'Donnell

The committee comprises of the following non-executive directors (all of whom are independent): 

Owen O'Donnell Sept 2008
Chris Bell Jun 2015
Steven Esom Mar 2016


What is the role of the audit committee?

The audit committee assists the board in reviewing and maintaining internal controls, the management of risk and our compliance with the law and regulation.

It monitors and reviews the effectiveness of the Group's internal audit function.

It also assesses the integrity of all public financial statements before their submission to the board, ensuring we present a fair assessment of the Group’s ongoing position and prospects.

Any changes in accounting policies are authorised by the committee, which also reviews the objectivity and effectiveness of our external auditors every year.

The committee oversees the Company's internal code of conduct and monitors our whistle-blowing procedures, through which employees may, in confidence, raise concerns about possible improprieties in areas of financial reporting, financial control and other ethical matters.

The committee is regularly updated on accounting and legislative changes through briefing papers from the auditor, finance director and others.


Finance committee

Ian Burke

The committee comprises of the following:

  Date first appointed
Ian Burke Mar 2006
Clive Jennings Jul 2011
Henry Birch May 2014


The finance committee comprise of the chairman, chief executive and finance director, and which is authorised to approve capital expenditure and make financing decisions for the Group up to authorised limits. On behalf of the board, the finance committee's role includes setting, monitoring and reporting on:

  • operating plans
  • monthly comparison of operating division's actual financial performance against budget; and
  • year-end forecasts

The committee met on eleven occasions during the year and the issues discussed included insurance cover and uninsured risks and some lease renewals within its delegated authority.

Remuneration committee

Steven Esom
Chairman of the Remuneration committee

The remuneration committee is responsible for determining the remuneration arrangements for the chairman, the executive directors and other members of the executive committee. Details of the composition, role and meeting frequency of the remuneration committee are contained in the remuneration report on pages 66 to 79 of our Annual Report (PDF 3.29 MB), which also summarises the Company’s remuneration policy and contains details of directors’ remuneration.

The committee comprises the following non-executive directors (all of whom are independent):

  Date first appointed
Owen O'Donnell Jan 2010
Susan Hooper Sept 2015
Steven Esom Mar 2016


Nominations committee

Ian Burke

The committee comprises the following:

  Date first appointed
Richard Kilmorey Feb 2014
Owen O'Donnell Feb 2014
Ian Burke Jun 2014
Henry Birch Jul 2014
Susan Hooper Sept 2015
Steven Esom Mar 2016


The nominations committee is responsible for identifying relevant talent and nominating all board appointments with due regard for the benefits of diversity on the board, including gender.

Executive committee

Rank's executive committee is not a board committee. It is responsible for day-to-day trading and is accountable to the chief executive for promoting and developing a profitable, long-term business.

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