1. Who are the Company’s registrars and how do I contact them?

Rank’s e-communications and other online facilities are provided by our registrars:

Equiniti Limited (reference 1235)
Aspect House
Spencer Road
West Sussex
BN99 6DA

Telephone from the UK: 0371 384 2098
Telephone from outside the UK: +44 (0) 121 415 7047
Textphone: 0371 384 2255

2. How do I check my shareholding details on the internet?

Go to maintained by the registrar. The site gives direct access to data held for you on the share register including:

  • recent share movements and dividend details;
  • a valuation of your portfolio based on recent share prices;
  • a range of useful information and practical help for shareholders.

There is no charge to set up your own portfolio; you will just need your ‘shareholder reference’ printed on your proxy form or dividend stationery. Please see site for more details.

3. I have recently changed my address - what should I do?

Please write to the registrars giving full details of:

  • your old address;
  • your new address.

Alternatively, please complete the Change of Address form and send it to the registrars.

4. A Rank shareholder has died - what procedure should I follow?

Please contact the registrars. You will normally have to produce a sealed copy of a grant of probate (confirmation in Scotland) or letters of administration. However, if the value of the total estate is no more than the Inheritance Tax limit and the value of the Rank shares is less than £10,000 then, in certain circumstances, a special small estates procedure may be utilised. Our registrars will advise you.

5. I have recently changed my name - what should I do?

Please write to the registrars giving:

  • your old name;
  • your new name; and
  • a copy of any legal documentation, such as a marriage certificate or deedpoll.

If your name had changed as a result of a separation or divorce, and you wish to revert to your maiden name, a copy of your birth certificate is required.
Further information can be obtained from the registrar’s website at

6. I wish to receive shareholder communications electronically – how do I arrange this?

If you would like to receive shareholder communications information by looking at our website, and would like to receive notification of their publication to your email address, visit, register using your shareholder reference number and select the ‘electronic’ delivery preference button. You will receive notification automatically each time a shareholder document is placed on the website, giving you full details of how to access it. If our email communication fails, we will send you a letter to your registered address notifying you of this. For further information, please see the e-communications and other online facilities section of our website.    

7. I have elected to receive electronic communications, but I would like to change my option and receive communications through the post in paper form – how do I do this?

You may change your option at any time by logging in to your Shareview portofolio and updating your mailing preference to ‘postal’.

8. I have elected to receive electronic communications and wish to continue to do so, however, I would like a paper copy of a particular communication – how do I arrange this?

You may request a website-published shareholder communication in paper form at any time and this will be sent to you free of charge within 21 days of receipt of your request. Details of how to request a paper copy of a particular website-published shareholder communication will be contained in the written notification of its publication. If you no longer have the written notification of its publication, you may request a paper copy by writing to our registered office address (quoting ‘hard copy shareholder information request’):

Company Secretary,
The Rank Group Plc,
Statesman House,
Stafferton Way,

9. I have not received Rank’s latest annual report and financial statements – why is this?

This might be the case because either:

  • you have moved house and have not yet informed the registrars of your change of address; or
  • you have not elected to receive notices and documents through the post in paper form and therefore you will only have been sent a written notification of their publication on Rank’s website.    

10. I have lost a share certificate – what should I do?

The registrars keep a record of your name, address and the number of shares you own and can arrange to issue a duplicate certificate if necessary. If you have lost a certificate, please report this to the registrars as soon as possible so they can put a ‘stop’ on that certificate. Before a replacement certificate can be issued, you will be sent an indemnity to complete should a dispute arise over ownership at a later stage.

Alternatively, please complete the Lost Share Certificate Form and send it to the registrars.    

11. How can I transfer Rank shares?

You will need to obtain a stock transfer form from our registrars. This needs to completed and returned to them, together with your share certificate.

Alternatively, you can download and complete a Stock Transfer Form from our website and send it to our registrars.

Note: Where the transfer is for a cash consideration, you will need to seek advice from the HM Revenue and Customs about the payment of stamp duty. Please telephone 01604 541 100 for details of your local HM Revenue and Customs office.    

12. How can I buy or sell Rank shares?

If you want to buy more shares or sell shares you already own, this must be done through a stockbroker. The London Stock Exchange provides a listing of UK stockbrokers offering share dealing services. For more information visit The London Stock Exchange website.    

13. When did Rank last pay a dividend?

Please go to the Dividend information section of our website.    

14. I have not received my last dividend – what should I do?

If you have lost or not received a dividend, please contact the registrars.
Alternatively, you can download and complete a Lost Dividend Cheque / Tax Voucher Form and send it to our registrars.

15. Can I have dividends paid directly into my bank account?

Your dividend can be paid either by cheque or directly into your bank or building society account. If you wish to have dividends paid by direct transfer, the benefits are as follows:

  • avoids the risk of cheques being lost in the post or mislaid;
  • saves a trip to the bank to pay the cheque;
  • dividend is credited to your account on the payment date so no delay in waiting for cheque to clear.

A tax voucher will be sent directly to your registered address so you know when and how much has been paid into your account.
If you would like your dividends paid in this way, please complete the Dividend Mandate Form and send it to the registrars.
NOTE: Please take care when completing the sort code and account number on the dividend mandate form as we cannot accept liability if the information is incorrect and the dividend is paid into the incorrect account.

16. Where can I obtain a copy of Rank’s latest annual report and financial statements?

You can download a copy from the Reports section.

17. I need Capital Gains Tax information - where can I find this?

For the purposes of calculating UK Capital Gains Tax on a disposal of ordinary shares held in the Company since 31 March 1982 (including shares held in the predecessor company, The Rank Organisation Plc), the price of the Company’s ordinary shares at that date was 190p per share. This price should be adjusted for the effects of the rights issue in January 1990, the enhanced share alternative in July 1993, the sub-division and consolidation of shares in March 1994 and the enhanced scrip dividend in March 1998, as detailed below.


Date of notice


Event information

Record date

Date dealing commenced


26 Jan 1990

Rights issue of 1 for 4 at 690p

Shareholders given the preferential right to buy 1 new Ordinary share for every 4 held.

18 Jan 1990

19 Feb 1990


28 July 1993

Enhanced share alternative

Shareholders could elect to receive new Ordinary shares to a value of 46.5p, based on a Reference Price of 782.7p, instead of the special interim cash dividend of 31p.

23 July 1993

16 Sept 1993


31 Jan 1994

Subdivision and consolidation of shares

Nominal value of Ordinary shares reduced from 25p to 10p.Each share was divided into five shares of 5p and every two 5p shares consolidated into one 10p share.

11 Mar 1994

14 Mar 1994


20 Mar 1998

Enhanced scrip dividend alternative

Shareholders could elect to receive new Ordinary shares to the value of 14p per share, based on the Reference Price of 390.0666p, as an alternative to the 1997 final cash dividend of 12.75p.

6 Mar 1998

1 May 1998

18. I have further questions about tax on my shares and/or dividends – who should I direct them to?

Please contact your financial advisor, stockbroker or accountant.    

19. I bought Rank shares some time ago, but cannot remember the price paid. I now need this information to complete my tax return – where can I obtain this?

Go to the Share Price and Interactive Chart page of this website and select the appropriate time period, or if this does not go back far enough The London Stock Exchange can provide this information. For details please call 020 7588 2355 or look on their website

20. What is an American Depository Receipt (ADR)?

In the United States, until 31 August 2005, the Company's ordinary shares were traded in the form of American Depository Shares, evidenced by ADRs. Each American Depositary Share represented two ordinary shares.
On 31 August 2005, the ADR programme was terminated and the ADRs were delisted from NASDAQ. Following the termination of the programme, any queries regarding ADR holder accounts should be directed to:

JP Morgan Chase Bank
JP Morgan Chase ADR Service Center
PO Box 43013
RI 02940-3013

Tel: 1-800-428-4237 (toll free in the USA)
or +1-781-575-4328 (from outside the USA)

21. I have more than one share account – why is this and can I combine my accounts?

This is most likely because you purchased your shares at different times. If you would like to combine your accounts, please contact our registrars.
Alternatively, you may download and complete the Share Account Combination Form from our website and return it to our registrars.

22. When are Rank’s results released?

Please go to the Financial calendar section of our website.

23. When is Rank’s next Annual General Meeting?