Rank is made up of enthusiastic and committed individuals, who have a desire to deliver the best experience for our customers

How it affects our performance and position
Our people bring our brands to life by striving to deliver a market leading gaming experience. Rank’s people are its greatest asset and are the main reason why people choose our brands and stay with us.

We understand that the support and development of our staff is critical if we are to achieve our strategic goals.

Our policies and actions
During 2015/16, we invested £788,000 in delivering 457,000 hours of training to our employees, helping them to develop the skills required to do their jobs.

Career development
Our career development programme is designed to enable our employees to progress within Rank, offering mobility between brand and Group teams, and the opportunity to work within different areas of operation and to participate in cross-Group projects.

During 2015/16, nearly all team members participated in career development training. In addition, 879 of our employees achieved a promotion in the year.

Leadership and engagement
Rank’s senior management team has an obligation to the Group’s employees to set clear direction and expectations and to provide regular and motivational feedback. Our team member engagement scores tell us how effective we are in meeting this need. In 2015/16, team member engagement increased by 1% to 80%.

Health and safety
We at Rank Group understand that we must keep our employees and customers safe at all times. We recognise the challenges and look continuously to improve our approach to health & safety in order to promote a positive and understood culture which in turn will help eliminate and reduce injuries and ill health.

We will provide our employees with the tools required to carry out their work safely and we encourage our employees to be both passionate and practical about keeping ourselves, our customers and our sites safe at all times.

We encourage our employees to advise us of any health and safety issues in their workplace so that we can look at eliminating or reducing the risk and finally we will all work together to reduce health and safety risks to a minimum.

We will never be able to reduce risk or achieve high standards of health and safety without the active involvement of staff at all levels; from directors and heads of departments developing, resourcing and driving risk reduction methods and feeding back those methods to our employees. By listening to our employees and our customers and by analysing the accidents that occur, our appreciation of risks will evolve as will our approach to help improve health and safety at Rank.

Rank is committed to providing equal opportunities for all of our employees. Our diversity policy ensures that every employee is treated equally and fairly and that all employees are aware of their responsibility.

The policy confirms that there will be no direct or indirect discrimination in respect of age, disability, religious belief, gender, sexual orientation, race, colour, marital status, political belief and nationality, or any other category defined by law in all aspects of employment including recruitment, promotion, and opportunities for training, pay and benefits.

Rank is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities are supported and encouraged to apply for employment with the Group and to achieve progress whilst employed.  Disabled persons will be treated so that they have an equal opportunity, so far as is justifiable, to be selected, trained and promoted.


Further detail on all our employee policies can be found in Rank's Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 30 June 2016.