Rank is made up of enthusiastic and committed individuals, who have a desire to deliver the best experience for our customers

Our people bring our brands to life by striving to deliver a market leading gaming experience. Rank’s people are its greatest asset and are the main reason why people choose our brands and stay with us.

We understand that the support and development of our staff is critical if we are to achieve our strategic goals.


Back in 2015, Rank introduced a new strategic direction for the Group which relies on greater interdependence between and co-operation across Rank teams.

To engender a culture of working together to build capability and solutions rather than supporting brand, location and department silos, the Group developed, across all brands, a group-wide set of values with the following supporting purpose statement:

To bring excitement and entertainment to the customers and communities we serve.

Employees across the business were consulted to ascertain what values were considered key to achieving the Group's strategic objectives.  The Group's new values, STARS, were subsequently launched on 6 July 2016.

  • Service: We start with the customer.  We do everything in our power to deliver special service every time.
  • Teamwork: We pull together across brands, channels and locations to perform at our very best.
  • Ambition: We challenge the way we do things and explore new ways to excite and entertain our customers and outshine the competition.
  • Responsiblity: We understand our responsibility to all in our communities.  We act with the highest integrity and honesty in everything we do.
  • Solutions: We act positively to get to the heart of problems quickly and find ways to solve them.

Our policies and actions

Learning and development

During the year, a total of 3,500 employees accessed in-house e-learning courses; this is in addition to in-house and external training courses attended by employees which are not tracked centrally.

Leadership and engagement

During the year two employee opinion surveys were sent to all Group employees. The survey scores are a proxy for employee engagement levels within our business. Over the year employee engagement fell by nine percentage points to 71%.

In addition, employees are asked questions on different aspects of their working life at Rank. Scores and comments are then reviewed and actions agreed where appropriate to address any identified issues.

Areas highlighted by the surveys included the need for better channels for communicating within the business and more opportunities for training and development.

Health and safety

The key objectives of the 2016/17 health and safety strategy were:

(i) to improve health and safety awareness across the Group through management training; and

(ii) to reduce the number of employee and customer accidents in the UK by 10% from their level at the start of the year.

Positive progress has been made in the year against both objectives, with a completion rate of 100% for Grosvenor managers completing the e-learning course and a completion rate of 97% for Mecca managers.

Rank also exceeded its target of reducing accidents within the UK, having achieved an overall reduction of 22% across both Mecca and Grosvenor in the year.


Rank is committed to providing equal opportunities for all its employees. Rank’s diversity policy ensures that every employee is treated equally and fairly and that all employees are aware of their responsibilities. 


Rank is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities are supported and encouraged to apply for employment with the Group and to achieve progress whilst employed. Disabled persons will be treated so that they have equal opportunities, so far as justifiable, to be selected, trained and promoted.