Rank’s purpose is for our customers to enjoy our products responsibly.

How it affects our performance and position
Rank is very much aware that, whilst the principal purpose of our businesses is to provide an exciting and entertaining experience for our customers, there is also a need to protect those few customers who may be most at risk of gambling related harm.

With that in mind, Rank continues to develop its pioneering responsible gambling policy under the award winning “Keep it Fun” banner. This is designed to make information about playing responsibly easily accessible to all customers, not just those with the potential to develop problems.

Innovative means of communicating information in accessible ways include the use of film clips on our dedicated website and sent out as social media messaging, along with the display of the Keep it Fun logo and website address on all casino gaming tables.

Our policies and actions
At Rank, our approach is to seek a more sophisticated understanding of the problem and to use that understanding to tackle gambling related harm.

  • Understand through research and engagement
  • Influence customer behaviour through communication
  • Provide safeguards and intervene where problems arise
  • Support treatment and counselling