Finance committee

Ian Burke

Ian Burke

Who is on the Finance committee?

The committee comprises of the following:

Date first appointed
Ian Burke Mar 2006
Clive Jennings July 2011
Tim Scoble Sept 2011
Henry Birch May 2014

What is the role of the Finance committee and how often did it meet during 2013/14?

The finance committee comprised of the chairman, chief executive, finance director and one non-executive director, and which is authorised to approve capital expenditure and make financing decisions for the Group up to authorised limits. On behalf of the board, the finance committee's role includes setting, monitoring and reporting on:

  • operating plans
  • monthly comparison of operating division's actual financial performance against budget; and
  • year-end forecasts

The committee met on nine occasions during the year and the issues discussed included insurance cover and uninsured risks and some lease renewals within its delegated authority.

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