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The Group has been entertaining Britain since 1937, from its origins in motion pictures to today’s gaming based entertainment brands. The Group has remained true to its founding mission to make life better by bringing people together for fun and entertainment. In this the Group applies a moral code, focused on values of fairness and a belief in ‘the right thing to do’.

Over the course of more than three-quarters of a century, the Group has thrilled many millions of customers in Britain and around the world. The Group’s story is one of iconic brands and talented people with a mission to entertain.

We create value through our brand-led business model. The role of our brands is to meet the needs of our customers to consistently high standards across multiple channels of distribution. The Rank Group sets the strategic direction and provides access to the capital needed to fund the ambitions of its brands. It also acts as a locus for cost, revenue and expertise synergies.

London Stock Exchange ticker RNK
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Shares in issue* 390,683,521
Financial highlights 2014
Group revenue £707.7m
Group operating profit £72.4m
Adjusted profit before tax £62.5m
Adjusted earnings per share 12.4p
  1. *Shares in issue at Sept 2014
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