Financial terminology

Income retained by the Group after deductions for VAT and players’ winnings
Excludes club openings, closures and relocations; and changes to gaming taxation
Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, amortisation and exceptional items
Operating margin
Operating profit expressed as a percentage of revenue

KPI terminology

Unique customers visiting a bingo club or casino or operating an online account in the 12-month period
Customer visits
Individual customer visits to bingo clubs and casinos
Spend per visit
Revenue divided by customer visits
Online – offline crossover
Percentage of adults participating in both remote and land-based gaming
Net promoter score
A measure of a customer's propensity to recommend

Gaming industry terminology

Interval games
Automated game of bingo played in a licensed club
Adult gaming centre
A licensed gaming machines arcade
Main stage bingo
Traditional game of bingo played in a licensed club
Pari-mutuel gaming
Gaming where players compete with each other to win prizes. The house may take a fee for organising the game but does not participate actively. Also called ‘player-to-player’ gaming
Remote gaming and betting
Gambling services offered to customers via the internet and mobile telephones and tablets
Commission des Jeux
The governing body for the gambling industry in Belgium
Gambling Commission
The governing body for all sectors of gambling in Great Britain, with the exception of the National Lottery and spread betting
A charitable organisation that provides counselling and other services to those with gambling-related problems
Responsible Gambling Trust
A charitable organisation that funds treatment, education and research related to problem gambling and which was formed following the merger of The GREaT Foundation and the Responsible Gambling Fund
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