Rank Interactive

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Rank Interactive is a remote gaming and betting business, principally comprising meccabingo.com, bluesq.com (sports betting and gaming) and GCasino.com.

Rank Interactive’s primary market is Great Britain, although it also provides betting and gaming websites in Spanish, French, German, Danish and Swedish.

Industry overview

Remote gaming and betting is the fastest-growing area of the gambling market. It uses internet and telecommunications technologies to allow people to place bets and play a variety of games (including bingo, casino and poker) from their computers and mobile phones.

Remote gambling is a legal and formally regulated activity in Great Britain, which is the primary market for Rank Interactive.

How remote gambling generates revenue

Revenue (or gross win) is generated on sports betting through effective odds-setting on events of uncertain outcome (e.g. a horse race). Gross win on games is generated by a statistical advantage (or ‘house edge’) on games of fixed probability (e.g. roulette). As a consequence, sports betting revenue tends to be slightly more unpredictable than gaming revenue.

Key people

Mark A Jones – Managing director
Kate Wyard – Head of finance
Phil Gates – Marketing director

Key facts

Established 1999
Revenue* £57.7m
Operating profit* £7.9m
Customers* 0.3 million
Employees* 197
Websites www.bluesq.com
  1. *Figures as at December 2010


bar chart showing £57.7 million
Poker chips