We embrace our responsibility for protecting the natural environment and are taking significant steps towards reducing our carbon footprint.

The Rank Group will minimise the impact of our operations on the Earth’s natural environment; and where possible promote ‘Green’ behaviours to our customers, suppliers and our employees.

Why this is important

It is important for our customers and our people – many of the people who enjoy our brands or work within the brand teams care passionately about the environment. Because ‘green living’ is important to them, it has to be important to us. By involving our customers and our people in our environmental programme, we build their pride in our brands and forge stronger relationships.

It is important for our investors – we believe that good environmental practice makes good business sense. By cutting out waste and reducing energy consumption we are improving both our environmental performance and our profit performance.


During 2013/14, we made further improvements to the way that our business activities interacted with the natural environment.

We have continued to communicate effectively our overall consumption levels for electricity, gas and waste, to the venues by means of our dedicated environmental website and automatic meter readings which produce weekly consumption reports direct to the venues. This has been successfully integrated into the 19 casinos acquired in 2013. Based on the conversion factors, the Group’s total GHG emissions for its operations as at 31 December 2013 were:

  Tonnes of CO2e2 % Tonnes of CO2e2/£m
Scope 1
Constitutes gas use (plus gas oil use in Belgium), owned transport and fugitive F-gas emissions
19,523 28  
Scope 2
Comprises electricity generation
37,356 53  
Scope 33 Comprises waste, materials use, flights, electricity transmission and distribution 13,138 19  
Outside of scopes 4
Represents the biogenic proportion of petrol and diesel
43 -  
Total 70,060 100 103.8
  1. 1 The above data is for the year ended 31 December 2013 as the data for the year ended 30 June 2014 was unavailable at the time of approving the Annual Report and Financial Statements. For future years the Group will endeavour to provide GHG data for the financial year in review.
  2. 2 CO2e is a universal unit of measurement used to indicate the global warming of greenhouse gas expressed in terms of global warming potential of one unit of carbon dioxide.
  3. 3 Well-to-tank emissions for fuels (electricity, gas, petrol, diesel, and aviation fuel), which would sit within scope three, are not included in this report.
  4. 4 This is categorised as outside of scopes rather than scope three in line with the Defra 2013 emission factor guidance.

We completed the TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections and have utilised these to programme in our R22 removal, which will be complete by 2019 latest. In addition, we are renewing controls on all chiller replacements and running trials on various control systems to improve our energy efficiency.

Over the last period we have carried out additional R&D on various other energy opportunities.

Our new sites at Reading and Southend (under construction) have our latest control systems and LED lighting throughout.

We are continuing to replace existing lighting with LEDs where viable and available as technology progresses with these units.

We now monitor our water consumption monthly and Automatic Meter Reading (‘AMR’) is about to be installed in the majority of our Scottish sites.

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