Responsible Gambling: Keep it fun

In this section, we outline our ‘keep it fun’ approach to gambling responsibly.

Rank’s purpose is to bring enjoyment to the lives of our customers through thrills, socialisation and entertainment.

The success of our brands is predicated on our ability to ‘keep it fun’. However, with gambling – as with most forms of leisure – excessive or uncontrolled consumption will lead to harm. The fact that the vast majority of our customers gain enjoyment from gambling must not be used to mask or marginalise the incidence of harm.

In seeking to minimise harm to problem or at risk gamblers, we must also consider the needs of the majority of our customers, for whom we provide fun, entertainment and a sense of community. As with all things, it is important to maintain a balanced perspective.

We do this via our responsible gambling programme, which has been designed around the following elements:

  • Research – to help us understand the causes of problem gambling behaviours;
  • Communication and advice – to prevent the incidence of problem gambling by educating customers;
  • Training – to enable our team members to recognise the symptoms of problem gambling and where appropriate to intervene with assistance; and
  • Funding – via the Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT) to support the work of research, counselling and treatment for problem gamblers carried out by organisations like GamCare.

Problem gambling remains a much discussed but poorly understood subject. Ill-informed debate on problem gambling (however well-intentioned) may actually cause harm by stigmatising gambling addiction and so making it more difficult for those affected to seek help.

We believe that those genuinely concerned about problem gambling need to come together to address the issue in a collaborative, balanced and evidence-based fashion. Neither sensationalism nor denial have a place in such an approach.

During 2013/2014, we engaged in a number of programmes designed to further our - and the industry’s - understanding of problem gambling.

Rank – University of Salford Research project

We are working with the University of Salford on their research programme to understand better the behaviour of problem gamblers. We will invest resources in furthering our own knowledge in this area, working with the Gambling Commission, RGT, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), GamCare and other concerned parties to address the issues.

RGT – Nat Cen machines research programme

We participated in stage 1 of RGT’s study of player behaviours on slot machines. We have signalled our willingness in principle to participate in subsequent stages of this programme.

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