Rank renew funding partnership to boost support for unpaid carers

Rank are delighted to announce an extension of their hugely successful seven year funding partnership with Carers Trust into 2022.

The partnership has already had an incredible impact by so far raising over £2.8 million to support more than 12,500 carers since the partnership’s inception in 2014.

The money raised is typically used to provide exhausted unpaid carers with a grant they can use to take a much-needed break from their caring role, safe in the knowledge that their loved one continues to be cared for.

Grants made possible by funds raised by Rank customers and colleagues have also helped unpaid carers buy otherwise unaffordable household items like fridges, washing machines and beds that are essential if they are to continue providing round-the-clock care.

This special funding partnership will now continue and we hope to bring the total up to £3million since the partnership began, supporting an extra estimated 1,500 unpaid carers throughout the year.

Support from Rank has helped play a vital role in supporting unpaid carers with the extra challenges of the pandemic. Between March 2020 and March 2021, grants made possible thanks to our fundraising have helped 750 individual unpaid carers buy essential household items or get access to a funded break and have some much-needed time for themselves.

Grants have also meant Carers Trust’s local partner services have been able to continue providing online peer support groups. These groups help unpaid carers link up with other carers experiencing the same problems, helping tackle loneliness and isolation as well as ensuring carers understand they are not alone.

Sarah Powell, Communications Director at Rank, said:

“The extra funding we hope to raise over the next year further demonstrates our long-term commitment to support unpaid carers across the UK. Our customers and colleagues enthusiastically fundraise for unpaid carers as we know it can make a difference. The pandemic has made caring roles even more challenging, and we’re proud that our fundraising directly benefits those who need it most.”

Director of Fundraising at Carers Trust, Svetlana Kirov, continues:

“We’re so grateful to Rank and their customers for this sustained funding partnership which shows how, over the long term, the corporate sector can bring about real benefits for people and communities in the UK.