Our people are core to delivering our purpose to excite and to entertain. We are committed to looking after our colleagues and enabling them to fulfil their potential.

We aim to provide a fair, equal, respectful and safe workplace, rewarding and recognising success, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation or disabilities. We strive to be an employer of choice where our people feel proud to work.


Rank’s culture is defined by its established values – service, teamwork, ambition, responsibility and solutions – and its purpose. 

From the point of recruitment, all colleagues are made aware of our values and these are incorporated within the initial induction programme to ensure they have a great start to their Rank career. The induction also covers information about our history, purpose and ambition, as well as tailored skills training relevant to their particular role. All colleagues are also required to complete mandatory training on a regular basis, which includes essential e-learning modules on our policies relating to safer gambling, anti-bribery, anti-money laundering and health and safety. Company policies and the respective training modules are reviewed periodically to ensure their effectiveness. Our STARS values are also incorporated within the employee appraisal process.

Values can often increase in importance in difficult times and we recognise the impact of the past year on colleagues as a result of the challenges brought about by the pandemic. During this time, we increased communications, enabled remote working and focused on colleague well-being, doing all we could to support and engage colleagues. We acknowledge that it has not been easy for many, but the STARS values shone through as colleagues worked together to close and reopen venues on short notice, and in particular, warmly and enthusiastically welcomed back our venues customers as soon as they were able to do so.


Culture at Rank is about relationships, not only within teams and with our customers as referenced above, but also within our local communities. Again, this has been apparent in the support provided by our colleagues to local communities during lockdown, which has included:

  • Community kitchens: venues across Mecca and Grosvenor participated and provided over 210,000 meals to vulnerable people in their local communities and to NHS and emergency workers
  • Free car parking: 40 of our venues provided free parking to NHS workers
  • Free bingo: Mecca provided free online bingo, giving our venues customers the ability to chat to friends from their local clubs
  • Mecca customer care: Mecca team members made over 11,000 calls to their Mecca ‘friends’ including vulnerable groups and those self-isolating, providing a friendly ear and guidance on where additional support could be found
  • Food donations: following the closure of venues unused food was donated to local centres and good causes Christmas Hampers: working alongside Carolyn Harris MP, Mecca supported the Everyone Deserves A Christmas campaign, and provided over 3,000 hampers to those most in need at Christmas

As we emerge from the pandemic and focus on unlocking further growth, it is clear that to build sustainable success we need to keep developing our values. The Group operating model and safer gambling workstreams within the transformation programme, each have culture at their core. On the former, it is about ensuring that we continue to create a high-performing culture for our employees, whereas the latter is focused on ensuring that all our colleagues are on the same page as to the high levels of service and protection that we wish to provide to our customers. A number of initiatives sit under these workstreams, including a new cultural change programme, Raising our Game, which is due to be rolled out across Grosvenor’s venues in 2021/22. 

Inclusion and diversity

With the Group now operating across five continents, its commitment to inclusion and diversity has never been so essential. A healthy variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures will provide the balance of voice and diversity Rank needs to succeed.

The Group’s inclusion and diversity programme, #BeYourself, has four key aims: (i) create an inclusive environment which facilities our colleague to develop, be creative and deliver exceptional service, (ii) ensure there is a diverse workforce across all grades, (iii) make inclusion and diversity integral to how we do business and (iv) demonstrate leadership on inclusion and diversity, internally and externally, positioning Rank as an ‘employee of choice’. During the 2020/21 year the following progress was made under each of them:

Inclusion and diversity strategy – 4 key aims
1. Create an inclusive environment which facilitates our colleagues to develop, be creative and deliver exceptional service
2. Ensure there is a diverse workforce across all grades
3. Make inclusion and diversity integral to how we do business
4. Demonstrate leadership on inclusion and diversity, internally and externally, positioning Rank as an 'employer of choice'

You can read more about our inclusion and diversity four key aims on pages 50 and 51 of our 2021 annual report.

Read our Gender Pay Gap Report 2020 here.


Employee engagement

We value the views of our people and are always looking for different ways to ensure that they can provide feedback on what works well and what could be improved. We also seek to ensure that our internal communication is timely, clear and supportive.


Town Halls

The Executive Directors and senior management are actively involved in the engagement of colleagues through Town Halls, which are accessible by all our offices to watch and participate. Our Town Halls are also the forum in which STARS awards are presented, offering recognition of individuals and/or teams, having been nominated by their colleagues, for demonstrating Rank’s values in their work. The number of Town Halls was increased over the past year and they were held remotely.

Employee Voice

Employee voice meetings are held biannually and enable elected representatives from different areas of the business to meet with members of the Executive Committee and senior management to discuss issues of concern raised from within the business and potential resolutions. They are attended by Rank’s Chief Executive and the Group Human Resources Director who help ensure that the issues raised are elevated for discussion at the Executive Committee and/or Board and also that questions from colleagues can be answered and explanations about decision-making by the Executive Committee and the Board can be given.

Talking STARS and Leading STARS

alking STARS and Leading STARS sessions are also held biannually and provide a forum for key individuals from across the business to debate issues impacting the Group. These forums supplement employee voice meetings, with participants selected from across our business. They provide a further opportunity to discuss outputs from employee voice meetings, with Talking STARS generally focusing on matters including culture and communication and Leading STARS focusing more on operational efficiencies and transformational change. Meetings are attended by Rank’s Chief Executive, the Group’s Human Resources Director and other members of the Executive Committee to ensure a two-way dialogue.

Employee Opinion Survey

In light of a significant number of our colleagues being on furlough in the year we put on hold our bi-annual Employee Opinion Survey. We will re-commence the survey in the first half of the 2021/22 financial year, and it will revert back to taking place on a six-monthly basis.


Workforce Engagement – Designated NED

We aim to ensure that all communication and engagement works on a “top-down” and “bottom-up” basis, with a designated Non-Executive Director attending the Talking STARS and Leading STARS forums. His role is to ensure that the views and concerns of the workforce are taken into account by the Directors, particularly when they are making decisions that could affect the workforce. He also provides feedback to colleagues on such matters from the Board. This approach has encouraged a broader exchange of information and views on the business and the wider industry. The designated Non-Executive Director reports formally to the Board on matters discussed in such meetings on a biannual basis.

Further details of the actions taken during the year are set out in “Stakeholder Engagement” on pages 39 to 43 of our 2021 annual report.

Health and safety

Please see in “Our customers”.


Speaking Up, the Group’s whistleblowing programme, has been in place for a number of years. It enables employees, suppliers and other stakeholders to raise issues regarding possible improprieties in confidence and, if they wish, anonymously. The programme offers multilingual communication channels operated by an independent service provider who submits reports to the allocated, appropriate individual within the business for investigation as necessary. Reports received during the year were kept strictly confidential and the concerns identified were referred to appropriate managers within the Group for investigation and resolution. The Audit Committee received an analysis of all reports submitted via the Speaking Up programme during the year.

Anti-corruption and bribery

We endeavour to conduct our business with integrity, aim to be a responsible employer, and adopt values and standards designed to help guide our colleagues in their conduct and business relationships. Rank has in place policies, procedures, training, management systems and internal controls to prevent bribery and corruption occurring. This includes a requirement that all colleagues and other individuals working for us adhere to our gifts and hospitality policy, which requires hem to consider the appropriateness of the giving and receiving of gifts and hospitality and is reinforced by ratcheting approval levels. We regularly monitor this area and continued to do so throughout the 2020/21 financial year. Our policies and procedures also require due diligence to be carried out on suppliers and other service providers. In addition, the Group’s modern slavery and human trafficking statement is submitted to the Board for approval each year. The statement is published on the Company’s website.

Our people KPIs

  Year ended 30 June 2021 Year ended 30 June 2020 Change
Full-time staff voluntary turnover rates 18% 20% (2)ppts
Percentage of employees that are contracted or temporary 3% 2% +1ppt
Employee engagement rates Not measured 73% -
Gender pay gap data (mean/median) 26%/21% 15%/5% +11pts / +16ppts
Percentage of employees who are White British 69% 68% +1ppt
Hours spent on employee development training to enhance knowledge and individual skills 44k 39k 13%