Our commitment to sustainability

We bring excitement to millions around the world with our gaming-based entertainment brands and we are committed to doing this in a responsible way.

Our 2023 Sustainability Report


Providing an entertaining and exciting experience for all our customers is a central focus of our business. To achieve this, we want to offer our customers fun and entertainment, whilst ensuring that they play within their means. Safer gambling considerations are therefore at the forefront of our consumer engagement and embedded into everything we do.


Delivering a high quality of service for our customers depends on our ability to provide a positive working environment for our colleagues. As such, driving engagement, providing development opportunities, and ensuring all employees are treated fairly and given the support they require, are all key commitments for our business.


Rank’s long-term goal is to achieve climate neutrality for its entire value chain by 2050, or earlier if possible. Meanwhile, an interim target has been set to remove all greenhouse gas emissions from an initial boundary by 2035. 


We know that we play a central role in the communities in which we operate. Our venues often serve as a social hub, and our Mecca clubs in particular are a key place for interaction amongst our older cohort of customers.