In order to deliver an exciting and entertaining experience, we require a workforce of engaged, motivated and skilled employees. As such we are committed to providing training and support to our colleagues, and that they are given the opportunity to develop and progress through the Group whilst themselves experiencing a safe and fun working environment.


Leadership capability 

Our Board and Executive Committee members are required to lead from the front to drive the business forwards and deliver on the long-term strategy. We make sure that all our leaders have the appropriate knowledge and skills to deliver against Rank’s objectives and we employ succession planning to ensure the continuity of capability in key roles. We offer executive coaching and leadership courses, and succession plans are maintained for the Board, Executive Committee and other senior leadership positions.

Employee training and development: Mandatory training

All employees must complete compliance training to make sure that every individual in the Group is aware of the expectations for professional behaviour and we maintain the highest standards in business ethics. This includes GDPR, anti-money laundering, anti-bribery, and health and safety training, as well as other training specific for the different areas of the business, which is provided through our e-learning platform or in-person. Colleagues are also made aware, on an ongoing basis, of Speaking Up, the Group’s whistleblowing programme. To establish strong awareness across the Group, every individual at Rank must also complete mandatory safer gambling training, with progress being monitored through our online platform. 

In relation to business ethics, we endeavour to conduct our business with integrity and adopt values and standards designed to help guide our colleagues in their conduct and business relationships. In addition to training, Rank has in place policies, procedures, management systems and internal controls to prevent bribery and corruption occurring. This includes a requirement that all colleagues and other individuals working for us adhere to our gifts and hospitality policy, which requires them to consider the appropriateness of the giving and receiving of gifts and hospitality and is reinforced by ratcheting approval levels.

Recruitment and development opportunities 

In order to attract and retain the most talented individuals we are focusing on streamlining our recruitment process and making sure we are hiring the most qualified individuals from a diverse pool of candidates as quickly as possible. We are currently developing our new employee value proposition, Work. Win. Grow., which focuses on creating exciting opportunities for our employees, and attracting talented, energetic people to join our global team. 

We offer a host of training opportunities including an e-learning platform that holds over 700 courses, and place high potential individuals on succession plans.


Employee engagement and wellbeing

Our industry is a truly exciting one in which to operate. This resonates across the Group, with colleagues valuing the interesting nature of our business and the skilled roles we provide.

Our business strategy is also well communicated to ensure that everyone understands and is working towards the same goals. Rank’s culture is defined by its established values – service, teamwork, ambition, responsibility and solutions (STARS) – and its purpose. From the point of recruitment, all colleagues are made aware of our values and these are incorporated into many development initiatives to ensure they are at the heart of a successful career at Rank.

To ensure our workforce remains connected and motivated, we operate a number of initiatives to facilitate engagement with colleagues, to allow feedback and the articulation of any issues, and for business communications from the Executive. We have also put increased focus upon mental health and wellbeing this year, providing a number of resources and events for colleagues to access and attend, to ensure that everyone is getting the support they need.


Equality, diversity and inclusion 

Creating a working environment that embodies equality, diversity and inclusion (‘ED&I’) is incredibly important at Rank. We have four stated aims against which we have delivered a number of initiatives in the past year:

1.  Create an inclusive environment which facilitates our colleagues to develop, be creative and deliver exceptional service

  • We have a variety of family support policies and this year launched our Menopause Policy which includes the offer of financial support for treatment.
  • We are continually assessing how we can improve our approach to ensure all our colleagues feel supported and heard in their roles and we will be looking to publish a new three-year ED&I strategy before the end of H1 2022/23.

2.  Ensure there is a diverse workforce across all grades

  • We have several initiatives in place to support under-represented groups, in particular women in senior positions, and to support them in developing their careers.
  • Our analysis of data and feedback is essential to track progress, identify areas for improvement and measure the impact of initiatives we have delivered.

3.  Make inclusion and diversity integral to how we do business

  • To ensure that all colleagues have a voice, we further embedded our six ED&I colleague network groups: Wellbeing; Women; Racial Equality and Diversity; LGBT+; Families; and general ED&I (incorporating religious celebrations).
  • Alongside this, we created a calendar of twelve ED&I events (two for each group) that aligned with national or international events and will be refreshed on an annual basis.

4.  Demonstrate leadership on inclusion and diversity, internally and externally, positioning Rank as an ‘employer of choice’

  • We support our colleagues with training and development and operate a High Performing Sponsorship Programme (‘HPSP’) that supports the development of female colleagues.
  • We are looking to onboard an external platform that will enable high performing colleagues, including those on the HPSP, to access world-class coaching and mentoring services.


Read our Gender Pay Gap Report 2021 here.