Our purpose and strategy

Our purpose is fundamental to what we do. It guides our values and our overall strategy. 

Our Purpose

To deliver exciting and entertaining experiences in safe, sustainable and rewarding environments.

We will achieve this through reflecting the changing needs and expectations of our customers, communities and colleagues.

To excite and to entertain. 

Our strategy

This year we are reporting under our five refreshed strategic pillars. Our strategy remains focused on driving our digital business and evolving our venues, alongside a seamless cross-channel experience.

We took the opportunity to ensure our sustainability objectives were fully embedded in the Group’s strategy and now have two pillars dedicated to our sustainability focus areas of customer, colleagues, communities and the environment.

You can read what we said and what we did for 2021/22 on pages 42 to 51 of our 2022 Annual Report.

Our key areas of focus for 2022/23


1. Provide a seamless and tailored experience for customers across venues and online

  • Further develop the app strategy for each brand ensuring customer needs are met for both online and in-venue experiences, removing the need for customers to move across multiple mono channel apps.
  • Launch live streaming from a further four Grosvenor casinos to our online audiences and deliver improvements to the digital live roulette experience.
  • Introduce artificial intelligence to better drive personalisation for our Grosvenor sports and gaming customers showing offers, bets and homepages tailored to their behaviour.
  • Continue to deliver compelling Mecca offers focused on driving new customer acquisition and retention.
  • Launch unified Mecca membership across online and in venues that will bring real time communication, personalised content, cross sell and improved onboarding.
  • Introduce a new Mecca loyalty card embedded into our apps and single membership journey aligned to our single app strategy.

2. Drive digital growth powered by our proprietary technology and live play credentials

  • Migrate onto our RIDE platform.
  • Enhance Grosvenor’s Daily Retention Game offering our customers greater variety and range of prizes.
  • Launch the streaming online of live immersive events in our Mecca venues to help drive cross channel acquisition.
  • Deliver the significant development roadmap which follows the migration of Grosvenor onto the RIDE platform.
  • Launch a new Spanish sports betting site YoSport.
  • Launch new apps for YoCasino and YoSport in Spain.
  • Roll-out a cross-channel strategy for Enracha.
  • Launch YoBingo in Portugal to replicate the successful YoBingo model.
  • Upgrade the proprietary Yo technology platform.

3. Continuously evolve our venues estate with engaging propositions that appeal to both existing and new customers

  • Launch of new rewards and incentives programme for our Grosvenor venues.
  • Continue the development and refurbishment of the Grosvenor estate with 12 venues listed for refurbishment in FY23.
  • Launch of a new electronic roulette jackpot game, Going for Gold, across our Grosvenor estate.
  • Focus on improving the slots performance of our Mecca venues through a better product mix and presentation in venue.
  • Investigate opportunities to share space in our Mecca venues through complementary partnerships and collaborations with third parties.
  • Continue the Enracha venues investment programme in our Andalucía and Sabadell venues.
  • Consider prospective opportunities to continue growing in the Spanish market through targeted acquisitions.
  • Deploy player tracking and new jackpots in each Enracha venue to improve customer experience.
  • Full deployment of our Enracha venues loyalty card into all permitted venues.

4. Be passionate about the development and well-being of our colleagues and the contribution we make to our communities

  • Launch refreshed three-year ED&I strategy across the Group focused on ensuring the Group is recognised as an employer of choice by attracting, developing and retaining a truly diverse pool of talent.
  • Expand the reach of the Group’s ED&I colleague network groups and launch the Group’s first neurodiverse colleague network group.
  • Launch and embed the newly developed Group-wide EVP Work. Win. Grow.
  • Continue the development of the Group’s Net Zero Plan and look to set intermediate targets to lower the Group’s carbon emissions and use of other natural resources.

5. Build sustainable relationships with our customers by providing them with safe environments in which to play

  • Continue to refine and improve the holistic player protection model in our Grosvenor venues.
  • Improve the tools available to Grosvenor venues colleagues to make decision-making more efficient and effective.
  • Review and improve our digital customer onboarding journeys to remove unnecessary friction caused by ‘know your customer’ and player protection processes.
  • Completion of role appropriate enhanced safer gambling training supported by GamCare to over 1,100 colleagues. The training is aimed at developing the necessary skills required to have more meaningful safer gambling interactions with our customers.
  • Continue to develop our markers of harm model as part of a continuous improvement and evaluation of player protection risk models.
  • Work towards achieving GamCare safer gambling accreditation across our UK operations.