Our approach to Sustainability

The Group’s management of and performance on Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) related matters.

We have four key focus areas – Customers, Colleagues, Environment, and Communities – which are underpinned by robust ESG governance practices and policies.

For in-depth ESG disclosure, see our full Sustainability Report. Our reporting is aligned with international reporting frameworks, the Global Reporting Initiative (‘GRI’) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (‘SASB’). We have included in both the Annual Report and Sustainability Report, our full disclosure in line with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (‘TCFD’).

ESG governance

Governance framework

To support effective ESG management, we have a robust governance framework in place. Overall responsibility for setting the Group’s ESG strategy sits with our Board of Directors, supported by the oversight and expertise of the ESG & Safer Gambling Committee. Progress reports are provided to the Board by the Chair of the Committee, whilst the Group’s Risk Committee keeps the Board appraised of any new or emerging ESG-related risks.

This year, we have further strengthened our governance structure at management level. In order to drive our ESG agenda and operationalise our strategy across the Group, we set up an ESG Working Group (‘ESG-WG’) with representatives from each area of the business, which reports into the ESG Steering Group (‘ESG-SG’) at Executive Committee level. To provide purposeful direction on decarbonisation, our Net Zero Working Group, supported by external consultants with environmental management expertise, is developing a strategy to reach net zero emissions in line with our stated targets.

We established four key areas of focus to provide structure and clarity in our reporting: CustomersColleaguesEnvironment, and Communities. This structure is underpinned by our understanding of the material ESG risks and opportunities to the business, informed by a study conducted with a cross-section of our stakeholders and our Group corporate objectives.

This year we have introduced Key Performance Indicators in each of the four areas, to support performance reporting. We believe that the long-term success of our business is dependent upon how we manage non-financial matters, and a figure will therefore be linked to execute remuneration, sharpening our focus on ESG-related performance.


Business ethics

Every employee at Rank is expected to comply with the highest standards of business ethics. Our guidelines for professional behaviour are enshrined in our Group policies, including but not limited to our Code of Conduct, Anti-Money Laundering (‘AML’), Anti-Corruption and Bribery, Data Protection, and Health and Safety policies. All employees must be made aware of these standards and complete mandatory refresher training every year. Training is conducted through our online platforms (Springboard, in the UK, and Campus, in Spain) and employee completion rate is monitored. Our whistleblowing programme, Speaking Up, enables employees to raise possible improprieties in confidence.


Supply chain management

Operating in the highly regulated industry of betting and gaming, we must ensure that the third parties we work with are compliant with industry regulation and operate according to the same high standards of ethics that we set as a Group. Manufacturers of gambling equipment and software in the UK are required to have all their equipment and software tested and certified by independent test houses approved by the Gambling Commission. We must only source from those Gambling Commission-approved suppliers for our UK-based venues and online sites. If a company is not certified we will not work with them. Though the gambling equipment and software is different in Spain, we have the set the same high standards for the third parties we engage outside the UK.